Issue Resolution Should be the Beginning and Not the End!!


Issue Resolution Should be the Beginning and Not the End!!

Aravind Bukka
Director, Product Support
Oracle Global Cloud Services

It’s pretty natural that Customer Success representatives or teams celebrate once an issue is resolved. Customers also tend to relax because the service or the software is restored and back to being operational. Converting resolution of an issue to reusable contextual help can enhance the experience of customers and optimize the resource utilization of customer success teams. A win-win paradigm for the ecosystem. So what exactly it means and how we accomplish?

We are already experiencing how game changing are the Shift-Left strategies in various stages of software development, delivery and support life cycle. Detecting and preventing defects in the early stages of software development by moving testing and performance evaluation to early stages ensures a high quality and timely delivery of the software or the product.

Likewise Shift-Left strategy can be leveraged for improving the service experience of the customers.

So begin, not end when a resolution is attained by performing root cause analysis, determining patterns of the issue, establishing root causes and feeding back the knowledge gained to software development team to fix and release. This should be a constant endeavor of customer success team in an agile way. However, code fix and release cycles may get longer due to underlying technologies and frameworks so the knowledge of the issue, root cause and solution should be made available to the customers in the form of JIT (Just in Time) knowledge article published in known issues and solutions repository leveraging the principle of “Knowledge Integration” of KCS (Knowledge Centered Service). Additionally, enable the availability of the solution in various forms like In App, UI or contextual help instantaneously where the issue is faced and take up timely enhancement of the software release documentation.

Beginning the service delivery journey and not ending when a solution is found for an issue can help in Pre-Empting and preventing issues to re occur.

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