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10 07, 2019

ASP Wants to be the Hub of the Support Community

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ASP is deceptively busy right now. Of course, with the judges scores coming in for our Top Ten Best Support Websites competition, that is to be expected. Yes, the deadlines are almost here and we are receiving scores daily. Soon, we will tally up the scores and make our announcement of this year’s winners. Then

3 04, 2019

How Machine Learning Might Offer Opportunities to Preempt Escalations

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Project Perspective & Learnings Sameer Patkar, VP -Oracle Support Services Abstract: Traditional customer support escalation processes focus on mitigatingvs. avoidinguser dissatisfaction. This often adds to the customer’s already-present frustration; lowers service satisfaction ratings; and increases support costs by requiring intervention from senior staff and management. We believe thatMachine Learning (ML) can help support organizations shift

4 03, 2019

Where is Support Going?

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ASP’s conference March 27-28, hosted by ServiceNow in San Diego, is all about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in support. This, plus many conversations that I have had in the last year with support leaders has got me thinking about where support is going. This is, of course, the kind of thing that ASP cares about and