ASP Free Webinar Oct 10th With Ben Garris KCS Program Mgr. of Republic Wireless, the 2018 Small Company Top Ten Winner

Our next free webinar will feature our over-achieving small company Top Ten winner. Republic Wireless outscored most of the medium and large sized companies in this year’s competition. How did they did this? We will explore that in our interview at 9:00am Pacific time on Oct. 10th. Go here to register: The session will be recorded and if you miss it, you can view it later if you have registered.

Another Free ASP Webinar Oct. 31st With Mohammed Ajouz, Sr. VP and Global Head of Product Support at SAP, Another 2018 Top Ten Best Support Websites Winner

SAP got our attention with their very high scores in this year’s competition. They were the high scorer in 13 of our 25 categories that were judged. How did they do that? We will ask them in our interview Oct. 31st at 9:00am Pacific. Go here to register: The sessions will be recorded. If you miss it, you can watch it alter if you have registered.

Report on 2018 Top Ten Competition Available Now

This report on our twentieth annual competition features essays from all ten companies that were this year’s winners. It also has a trends analysis, average scores in all 25 categories that were scored, a list of judges, and much more. It can be purchased for $300 or you can become a member for a year for only $150 and get this report plus all of our other reports. To get it, just login and it will be right there.

Members Advisory Board Discusses 2019 Conference

Our member’s Advisory Board is composed of one person from each corporate member and several individual members. They advise us on what content we should have on our website as well as all of our activities. We met again in August and discussed the possibility of holding a conference in 2019. The theme that was discussed is New Generation AI Support Tools , which follows the report that we are now working on. It may be held in late March, 2019, so watch for an announcement.

2018 Top Ten Support Websites Announced

This is the 20th year that ASP has held a competition for the Top Ten Best Support Websites. Each site is judged by at least five independent judges, who are vetted for competency and conflict of interest with the site that they are judging. They score the sites in 25 different categories. Every entrant receives a custom individual report detailing their average scores versus the average score for their size company. Judges also provide comments that are priceless in determining how to improve the sites. ASP publishes an approximately 125 page report with essays for each TopTen site, trends in the year’s competition, average scores for each category and size company and more. This year’s report should be available by the end of August. The report is free to members and available to others for purchase. Just login to get the latest report. This years Top Ten are listed below in alphabetical order for each group. ASP does not list rankings. Please note that Ivanti, with it’s fourth Top Ten, joins our Hall of Fame.

Large Companies




Red Hat


Medium Sized Companies

Ivanti (Joins Hall of Fame)

JDA Software



Small Companies

Republic Wireless

Research Being Done on New Report on Advanced AI Support Tools

We have begun interviews for a new report on next generation AI-based support tools such as advanced machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics. We are interested in talking with anyone using AI with Salesforce or Zendesk. If you are using any of these or any other advanced AI tools, please contact our executive director, Al Hahn at for an interview.

Report on Fast Isn’t Fast Enough Online Now

The chair of ASP’s Member’s Advisory Board, Matt Phillips presents on this topic at our March conference, and also did a webinar about it. His report on the topic is online now for all members. We can no longer get by with charging premium rates for fast phone support. What do we do now? Read the report to find out.

Report on ASP’s 2018 Conference on Transforming Support is Online Now

Want to read about the conference and all the hot topics covered? Login and it will be right there waiting for you, along with all the presentations.

ASP’s Conference on Transforming Support a Big Success According to Attendee Survey

The conference was held in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA at Red Hat Headquarters. 53 people attended, including a high percentage of Directors and Vice Presidents of Support and Customer Success/Experience organizations. Many of these presenters came from ASP’s Member’s Advisory Board. Sponsors included Coveo, Huawei, Salesforce, and Service Strategies. The theme for this conference was Transforming Support and the topics were largely taken from ASP’s 2017 report on The Changing Expectations of Support. This report concluded that support organizations were undergoing rapid and significant changes in expectations from users. These changes have been going on for about three years for many companies and are expected to continue for another three years. The changes are viewed by many as more revolutionary than evolutionary.

While ASP produced the Joint Symposium with two other associations for three years previously, it was not particularly successful for us. This conference was the first attempt to focus solely on support organizations needs and was viewed by over 95% of attendees (we did a survey) as successful. The main reasons that attendees were so satisfied with the conference were well-chosen topics and lots of interaction with peers.  Over 95% said they were either likely or very likely to attend a conference next year, which makes it probable that we will repeat it with new topics and format changes that are indicated by the feedback of attendees. We already have two companies that have volunteered to host it. To really understand the presentations, you will have to download them. They are available, along with a summary of the conference to all ASP members in the member portion of our website by clicking on the button above.

Report on Financial Ratios Online Now

We have not done this report since 2014, but you have asked for it, so here it is. This report has over 50 companies, including software applications, software infrastructure, SaaS, hardware, and professional services. Their hardware service, software support and professional service revenues and expenses are listed. How do you compare? Just login and find out.


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