Passionate About Support? Come to our Conference on Advanced AI Tools Next March 27&28, Hosted by ServiceNow in San Diego.

AI tools are revolutionizing support! Want to find out how? Come to our conference and learn from those who are already doing it. Our conference is limited to 100 people, so you can get up close and personal with our speakers. They all know a lot about AI support tools and are willing to share.


Lily Ryzebol, Watson in Support Offerings Mgr at IBM
Sameer Patkar, VP Product Mgmt, Oracle Support
Sean Rivers, Director of Technology, Republic Wireless
Jennifer Macintosh, VP Customer Experience, Coveo
Arnfinn Austefjord, Product Mngmt Director, ServiceNow
Robert Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport
Pradeep Rathinam, CEO of AnswerIQ
Alok Ramsisaria, CEO of  Grazitti Interactive
Tom Sweeny, CEO, ServiceXRG
Giri Iyer, SVP Global Customer Support & Success, Rubrik
Dave Jobling, Sr. Program Mgr, User Experience Global Support Programs & Operations with Birgit Hansen, Content Mgr. Tableau

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ASP Free Webinar January 17th at 9:00am With Dan Nowitz of PTC Discussing AI Support Tools

Dan, PTC’s Application Owner of Digital Prototyping for Customer Success Operations was the most informative person we interviewed for our report on Advanced AI Tools for Support. He has been working on them for a while and has had the time to look at developing your own tools, using a platform, and using a packaged app. His background is support, so he really understands what the tradeoffs mean for each different approach. He will be interviewed by Robert Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport as part of ASP’s partnership with them for webinars. the webinar will be recorded, so if you register and cannot attend live, you can view the recording later. Go here to register (required).

Guest Article: Tom Sweeny profiles IBM’s Cognitive Support

In this Service Innovation profile, we feature IBM’s use of its own Watson technologies as a platform to deliver a new approach to service delivery – Cognitive Support. IBM’s Cognitive Support Platform introduces a layer of machine intelligence to supplement core support activities offering the potential to handle significant amounts of day-to-day effort allowing IBM Support staff to focus on issues that require their unique skills and experience.

IBM’s approach to Cognitive Support is subtle and elegant. They have introduced an intelligence into the end-to-end support delivery process that can learn and evolve to “augment and scale human knowledge and expertise.” IBM staff do not need to retool the system every time a new product is released; the system does not rely on a formal knowledge management process to create customer-consumable content; and customers do not need to choose between self-help and assisted support. The Cognitive Support Platform is fully integrated into IBM’s existing support delivery process. It is designed to assist when it can and when it cannot it learns for future situations.

When you deliver support at the scale of IBM every step towards efficiency and effectiveness is critical. Traditional efforts to transform IBM Support can have a positive effect, yet the potential efficiencies from IBM’s Cognitive Support Platform are transformational. This profile examines the capabilities of IBM’s Cognitive Support Platform and the innovative ways in which it is being deployed to help IBM Support deliver service excellence.

Tom is a consultant, researcher and friend of ASP. His website is This is an excerpt of his article, republished with his permission. ASP members can login, choose Articles from the drop down menu and download the complete article, which is much longer than this excerpt.

New Report On Advanced Artificial Intelligence Tools for Support is Online Now

The new generation of AI tools is going to revolutionize support. It is not just bots, but Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, and Predictive Analytics. These and more AI techniques will change the way that we deliver support and those changes are already underway. Our report has interviews with 13 different companies, including:

Red Hat
Grazitti Interactive
Republic Wireless.

Some made their own tools and others bought tools. All of them have information to share with you. Many of the individuals interviewed will be presenting at our conference on AI tools in San Diego next March, hosted by ServiceNow. Members can just login and the report will be right there to download. You can purchase it for $300, but membership for a year only costs $180 and you get all of our reports.

Report on 2018 Top Ten Competition Available Now

This report on our twentieth annual competition features essays from all ten companies that were this year’s winners. It also has a trends analysis, average scores in all 25 categories that were scored, a list of judges, and much more. It can be purchased for $300 or you can become a member for a year for only $180 and get this report plus all of our other reports. To get it, just login and it will be right there.

2018 Top Ten Support Websites Announced

This is the 20th year that ASP has held a competition for the Top Ten Best Support Websites. Each site is judged by at least five independent judges, who are vetted for competency and conflict of interest with the site that they are judging. They score the sites in 25 different categories. Every entrant receives a custom individual report detailing their average scores versus the average score for their size company. Judges also provide comments that are priceless in determining how to improve the sites. ASP publishes an approximately 125 page report with essays for each TopTen site, trends in the year’s competition, average scores for each category and size company and more. This year’s report should be available by the end of August. The report is free to members and available to others for purchase. Just login to get the latest report. This years Top Ten are listed below in alphabetical order for each group. ASP does not list rankings. Please note that Ivanti, with it’s fourth Top Ten, joins our Hall of Fame.

Large Companies

Red Hat

Medium Sized Companies

Ivanti (Joins Hall of Fame)
JDA Software

Small Companies

Republic Wireless


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