Press Release

July 10, 2018

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

ASP Announces 2018 Top Ten Best Support Websites Winners

The Association of Support Professionals today announced this year’s Top Ten Best Web Support sites. This competition celebrated it’s 20thyear in 2018. Each year companies compete in three categories by company size. Large companies are over $1 billion in total annual corporate revenues; medium sized companies are over $100 million and under $1 billion; and small companies are under $100 million. So, companies compete against peer sized competitors. Each entry is judged by at least 5 independent judges in 25 different categories. Each entry receives a custom report for their particular site, with their average scores compared with scores in their size group. The report also features comments by the judges including the three most important areas to improve and suggestions on how to implement those improvements. This year’s winners are listed below in alphabetical order. ASP does not list rankings.

Large Companies




Red Hat


Medium Sized Companies

Ivanti (Joins Hall of Fame)

JDA Software



Small Companies

Republic Wireless

Ivanti joins our Hall of Fame winners who have each won four or more times including Cisco, Dell Software (originally listed as Dell), Juniper Networks, Intel Security (formerly McAfee), Microsoft, and Red Hat.

An approximately 135-page report is published each year with essays for each winner along with average scores in each company size group in all 25 categories that were scored; a list of judges, trends, and much more. The report is free to all ASP members and competitors in the Top Ten contest. It can be purchased for $360 from our website at or you can become a member for only $180 for a year and get all of our reports. For more information about the 25 categories that were rated, go to our site and click on AWARDS, then choose Scoring Criteria.

ASP executive director, Al Hahn commented; “This competition is always tough, and this year was no exception. Although we do not publish rankings, we did note that the small company winner, Republic Wireless, scored better than some of the medium and large sized companies in this year’s contest. This has only happened once before in our 20-year history. It is quite an accomplishment considering the differences in resources available to a small company.”

ASP is a professional association for those who manage support organizations. Members are mostly managers, directors, and executives of service and support organizations both internal and external.Most members are in North America, but we have approximately 200 in Europe and another 100 scattered from Australia through Asia. We research and publish 5-6 reports each year on our passworded website. We have a Member’s Advisory Board, which helps us to choose which reports we will research and write, which workshops to present and what conferences they want. Individual membership only costs $180 per year, and corporate membership depends on company size. For small companies (under $100 million) it is $700 per year, for medium-sized companies (between $100 million and $1 billion) it is $1,200, and for large companies (over $1 billion) it is $1,900. Each corporate member gets one seat on the Member’s Advisory Board and can have an unlimited number of individual members. For more information go to or email