The Support Experience


The Support Experience

By Al Hahn
Executive Director
The Association of Support Professionals

ASP is partnering with SupportLogic to help them with their upcoming event SXLive. This conference will be virtual on April 5-7, 2022. The focus is on the Support Experience, something that we believe is of vital importance in this subscription economy for technology (and other) products and services. In fact, we rethought the scoring of our ASP Best Support Websites competition a few years ago to put more weight on the experience. Customer Success is critical and that is driven by the Customer Experience, which is mostly driven by their Support Experience. This makes the importance of support much higher than ever before. Sure, it is very important to get new customers, but if you can’t hang on to them, it doesn’t matter. You will not make any profit and you will go out of business quickly.

We are delighted to see this event focused exclusively on the Support Experience. We know many of the people at SupportLogic and they get support. It starts with their CEO, Krishna Raj Raja. Krishna has been in the support trenches and is their visionary. There are many great speakers already lined up including support leaders from Coveo, Google, SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Snowflake, Workday & Zendesk, with more to come soon. If you share our belief that the support experience is important, don’t miss this event. Go here for more info and to register. It’s free. We plan to honor some of the outstanding individuals out there helping customers. You will enjoy hearing the stories of these often-overlooked heroes.

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