With the 2019 Top Ten Report soon to be published, we’re excited to announce some changes and improvements to the report itself and ASP as a whole which will help deliver ever more value to our members.

By Al Hahn, Executive Director of the Association of Support Professionals

This year was our 21st competition of support websites and based on the learning from all these past years, we made significant changes to our scoring model. This year’s winners will be announced on our homepage and in our monthly newsletter. You can also expect other changes to the Top Ten soon for next year.

A little over a year ago, the Member’s Advisory Board asked for more significant changes to ASP, and I have been diligently working on them ever since. You’ll see the outcome of those changes very shortly, and more change will continue for the next several years as the improvements we are making are very significant. Later this month, you will see a slug of research appear on our website. You will soon see a new logo appear (thanks to our partner Coveo) along with changing the look and feel of our website. In the past year we have partnered with TeamSupport to expand our webinars and with Coveo to invest in our newsletter. Sponsorships and partnership are part of our strategy because as you know, ASP does not charge a lot for membership, and that’s why we rely on a few, trusted partners to help scale our operations and continue to evolve and deliver the value you’re expecting. Rest assured that we intend to remain high value and very cost effective for our members, both individual and corporate.

Coveo to Sponsor Top Ten Best Web Sites for 2020

This leads me to my next announcement: Coveo is now sponsoring the Top Ten for the next year. The goal of this sponsorship is to help increase the reach and visibility of the report, and to help us deliver more to our members without them bearing all of the increased cost. Coveo’s name and logo will appear in Top Ten reports and we will do some Top Ten webinars together to share learnings and best practices extracted for the report. As a sponsor of the report, Coveo was not allowed to enter the competition and are not involved in tallying up the scores and have no influence on selecting winners. So, lest you think that ASP is becoming too commercial, I assure you that members are top of mind around here. We do select sponsors and partners carefully as is explained in our Policy regarding them, which is also on our Home page. We are planning more changes to the Top Ten with this sponsorship and those announcements will come very soon, some of them later this week.

So, hang on to what is rapidly becoming a rocket ride of changes. By the end of this year, we hope to have retained what is good about ASP, and changed a lot in terms of adding much more value and new things that members have requested!

Other News from the ASP

ASP Wants to be the Hub of the Support Community

Our ambition is to become the hub of the support community. What we mean by that is we want to be the go-to place where you can find any and every resource that you need to provide state-of-the-art support. We know that we cannot do everything for everyone, but we want to be able to direct you to those who can.

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