The ASP Extends Member Access to Enhanced Support Industry Research


The Association of Support Professionals (ASP) and ServiceXRG are pleased to announce a partnership to enhance and extend the quality and availability of support industry research.

By Al Hahn, Executive Director of the Association of Support Professionals

Through this partnership, ServiceXRG and the ASP will collaborate on the development of new Support industry research studies and extend access to research reports, playbooks and articles to ASP members.

“The support industry is changing rapidly with an ever-increasing emphasis on driving positive customer experiences and outcomes” Said Al Hahn, Executive Director of the ASP.  “The mission of the ASP is to offer a support information hub to provide support professionals with access to the research, expertise, and resources they need to advance their careers and to implement effective and efficient support operations for their business.”

Through this partnership the ASP and ServiceXRG will work with members to define and shape the Support industry by developing and sharing authoritative research to inform members about best practices, benchmarks, and emerging trends that affect Support.

“The ASP member community is passionate and eager to find ways to improve outcomes for their customers and willing to help define and advance the future of Support.” Said Tom Sweeny, Founder and CEO of ServiceXRG.  “Our intent is to work with the ASP community to capture and share insights that will help all companies improve and advance Support capabilities and results.”

The ASP and ServiceXRG will provide members with research that offers essential insights to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of support and inspire adoption of new strategies, practices and tools.

We encourage the entire ASP community to actively engage to help advance and shape the future of the Support industry.

Please visit the recently updated Association of Support Professionals website and view the latest articles ( and research (

About the Association of Support Professionals

The Association of Support Professionals (ASP) is at the center of support with members in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America.

ASP offers members a wide range of resources to help support professionals advance their careers and improve the outcomes from support operations. The ASP provides members with the resources and relationships to enhance support outcomes and advance professional careers. ASP provides a resource hub with access to industry best practices, metrics and benchmarks; skills development and training; peer networking; ongoing events and a vibrant member community. For more information please contact:

Al Hahn
Executive Director, Association of Support Professionals

About ServiceXRG

Service Excellence Research Group (ServiceXRG) helps companies retain customers, grow revenue, and achieve cost efficiencies through service excellence. Founded in 2004, we work with the world’s leading technology companies to transform and optimize service outcomes. We offer a portfolio of in-depth research and expert coaching services to help companies pursue Service Excellence and embrace Customer Success. For more information please contact:

Tom Sweeny
CEO, ServiceXRG

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