ASP 2019 Top Ten Best Support Website: NetApp

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How NetApp Won Two Years in a Row

Al Hahn, Executive Director of the ASP & Audrey Patenaude of Coveo Will Interview Ryan Mathews, Director, Digital Support, NetApp

This was ASP’s 21st year for this competition. We changed the scoring criteria quite a bit this year and it had a noticeable result. NetApp has won twice in a row. How did the changes affect the competition and how did NetApp win again? Tune in to find out as Al & Audrey discuss these things with Ryan. Learn from his experience in the competition and get some tips and what to do as well as what to avoid for a great self-service website.

Ryan will share his experiences, some tips on how to get the most from your entry and advice on how to make your website a Top Ten Best Support Website.

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