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Free ASP WebinarAugust 29th at 9:00am Pacific Time On the 2019 Top Ten Competition. Al Hahn & Audrey Patenaude of Coveo Will Interview Ryan Mathews, Director, Digital Support, NetApp.

This was ASP’s 21st year for this competition. We changed the scoring criteria quite a bit this year and it had a  noticeable result. NetApp has won twice in a row. How did the changes affect the competition and how did NetApp win again? Tune in to find out as Al & Audrey discuss these things with Ryan. Learn from his experience in the competition and get some tips and what to do as well as what to avoid for a great self-service website. .  Go here to register (required to attend and also to play recorded session). https://tinyurl.com/ASP-FreeWebinar

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ASP Announces 2019 Top Ten Best Support Websites

After our 21styear of this competition, we are happy to announce this year’s winners. Each site is scored by five independent judges in 25 different areas. The judges are vetted for relevant expertise and for no conflict of interest with that site. Every contestant receives a confidential site report with average scores in all 25 categories along with judges’ comments and recommendations for improving the site. In a few weeks, reports on the overall competition, overall average scores in all 25 categories, trends, benchmarks and winner’s profiles will be published. They are available to all ASP members and are available for purchase to non-members. There are three groups of companies by total corporate revenues in order for them to be judged against competitors of similar resources.  Small companies are those with revenues under $100 million. Medium sized companies are those with revenues between $100 million and $999 million. Large companies are those with revenues of $1 billion and more. ASP does not publish rankings within the Top Ten. This year’s winners are listed below in alphabetical order within their respective groups.

Small Companies


Republic Wireless

Medium Sized Companies




Large Companies


Red Hat




Coveo Sponsors Top Ten Best Support Websites

This sponsorship will allow ASP more resources to expand the Top Ten for our members. Coveo has no influence on which companies win the competition. Watch for many changes in our Top Ten report, and in the evaluations of support websites over the next few months.


ASP Partners With Coveo to Expand Newsletters

We have partnered with Coveo to expand our newsletter content and circulation. Starting this January we have added more articles and will continue adding content. This is part of our efforts to expand ASP that was requested by our Member’s Advisory Board.


ASP Policy on Sponsors and Partners

ASP regards companies that sell products and services to support organizations as important parts of our community. We need and use tools to do our jobs. ASP uses the money that is generated by sponsorships and partnering to deliver ASP services to our members and keep our fees low. We try to pick sponsors and partners that are responsible community members. We avoid companies that just want to sell and don’t deliver much value. We never sell or rent our member’s list. We do share email addresses of those who register for webinars and events such as conferences with the sponsors of those activities. Our Top Ten competition sponsors are not allowed to enter the competition and their companies have no involvement or influence on the scores of individual companies or the winners of the competition.





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