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In today’s time, the emphasis is on remote everything. Your support website is absolutely critical. Al Hahn, Executive Director of ASP interviews Ryan Mathews of NetApp and Arnfinn Austefjord of the KCS Academy. They have both been involved with ASP’s Best Support Website competition for years. Both have won this award more than once. Arnfinn has judged the competition many times. Both will share tips and implementation secrets that you probably won’t find elsewhere.You must register for the live or recorder event.

Ryan Mathews
Director, Digital Support
Ryan Mathews joined NetApp in July of 2018 with 15 years of experience in Customer Support where he leads the award-winning Digital Support team.

He started his career in the United State Air Force, earning a commission in December of 2000 as a Communications Officer. Ryan’s military experience provided a wealth of learning and leadership opportunities early in his career that he’s been able to use extensively in the high-tech services & support industry.

Ryan successfully transitioned to the private sector when he joined Extreme Networks as a Technical Support Engineer in July 2005. He steadily worked his way up to Service Operations Manager where he led a highly successful Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Adoption that helped transform Extreme’s Support Business in 2013-2016. His team’s excellent digital transformation results were replicated in 2017 when Ryan joined Republic Wireless and they quickly earned their first Association of Support Professional’s Top Support Site Award in 2018.

Mathews holds an active KCSv6 Practices certification from the KCS Academy (since 2014). He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 2000 and a Master of Business Administration from North Carolina State University in 2009.

Arnfinn Austefjord
Global Head of Training & Certification
KCS Academy, Consortium for Service Innovation

Arnfinn is the Global Head of Training and Certification for the KCS Academy, a subsidiary of the Consortium for Services Innovation. Arnfinn has over 30 years of experience heading Product Strategy and Management, Service Transformation, and Global Training and Certification at companies such as ServiceNow, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems. Arnfinn has been a ASP Top Ten Support Site judge for 7 years and is a two-time winner of that award while at Oracle. More information about Arnfinn can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arnfinn-austefjord/

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