ASP is deceptively busy right now. Of course, with the judges scores coming in for our Top Ten Best Support Websites competition, that is to be expected. Yes, the deadlines are almost here and we are receiving scores daily. Soon, we will tally up the scores and make our announcement of this year’s winners. Then we have to write an individual report for every site that was entered, order trophies for the Top Ten, and write the approximately 140-page report that shares essays from each winner, details the trends for this year, lists the judges, etc. Then we will schedule two or more webinars with some of the winning companies to share their experience and some tips. Yeah, that is enough to keep us busy. But it does not prepare you for what is coming.

We expect to make two major announcements by the end of August. One has to do with research, and the other has to do with the Top Ten competition itself (beyond what is listed above). Last year, a subcommittee of our Member’s Advisory Board charged me to get aggressive making changes in ASP. Their recommendations were far-ranging, significant, And strategic. I took that mandate to heart. Since then, we have established a partnership with TeamSupport for webinars that has added to the quantity and attendance for them. Then Coveo sponsored our newsletter, which enabled us to significantly add content. We have been working on our website and are adding content, improving reliability, and improving performance. We are small in staff, so things necessarily go in fits and starts. You may not notice all the things that we are doing all at once, but by the end of this year it should be obvious that ASP is changing in very significant ways.

Our ambition is to become the hub of the support community. What we mean by that is we want to be the go-to place where you can find any and every resource that you need to provide state-of-the-art support. We know that we cannot do everything for everyone, but we want to be able to direct you to those who can. Certainly, we will continue to provide researched reports, events, training, webinars, articles, blogs, and more. But we will continue to partner with other organizations that also provide needed products and services for support. In fact, we desire to be better at that than any other organization. So, watch this space and our Home page in the coming months for announcements and changes.