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Tools & Technology


Image  Managing Emerging Technologies (2005)
A poll of 131 support managers reveals which new technologies they've actually adopted or are currently researching.

Image  Indicates complimentary Open House hours

Image  Mikael Blaisdell, principal, Mikael Blaisdell & Associates

Image  Kristin Robertson, principal, KR Consulting

Image  Colin Taylor, president & CEO, The Taylor Reach Group

Image  Françoise Tourniaire, principal, FT Works


Should You Upgrade Your Support Tools? (Françoise Tourniaire)
Before you spend more money on technology, look closely at process and implementation issues.

Getting Approval for New Support Tools (Kristin Robertson)
Gaining approval from management for a support tool purchase can be a major hurdle.

Customer Tracking Solutions (ASP)
An ASP survey explores three key CRM issues--database solutions, migration trends, and implementation lessons.

Screen-Recording Software Makes Support Jobs Easier (Carla Wardin)
With screen recording tools, you can record videos of on-screen activity from any application.

Animation as a Web Support Tool
For hard-to-explain concepts like Boolean logic, the best e-learning tool may be simple animation.


VoIP for support?
"Does anyone use VOIP for sales/support? And if so, how is the quality? Who is your service provider? Do you use it internationally? What problems have you encountered? Is it tied into your CRM?"

[Recommendations welcome]

KR Consulting, Colleyville, TX 76034; 817/577-7030.
Web: Good list of support center tool vendors for smaller companies.

ICMI, Annapolis, MD 21401; 800/672-6177.
Web: Directory of "approved vendors."

Softigator, London SW4 9DU; +44 (0) 7811 353 996.
Web: U.K.-based directory of call center tools; vendor-written descriptions.

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The Art of Software Support
Françoise Tourniaire and Richard Farrell
Click image for details.