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Professional Services & Training


Image  Setting Limits on Unlimited Support (2009)
A provocative ASP report explores the question whether the best way to deliver high-quality support is to answer every question that customers ask.

Image  Maintenance & Services Ratios (2009)
Revenue and cost benchmarks based on 100 individual public companies, updated annually, plus expert advice on revenue recognition, services accounting, and other financial issues.

Image  Trends in Fee-Based Support (2008)
Business models that technology companies have adopted to deliver support and premium services.

Image  A Guide to Packaged Services (2007)
Critical success factors for fixed scope, fixed price services offerings.

Image  How to Grow Professional Services (2006)
Innovative ideas for building a larger, more lucrative business from support-related professional services.

Image  Tech Support Reporting Channels (2005)
Prevailing org chart models for support organizations.

Image  Training Salary Survey (2004)
Compensation benchmarks for instructor/trainers and content developers.

Image  Technical Support Training Metrics (2003)
Benchmarks for in-house training hours, subject matter, and delivery methods.

Image  Trends in Fee-Based Support (2002)
Data on pricing and features for maintenance, premium support, training, consulting, and other paid support services.

Image  Indicates complimentary Open House hours

      Al Hahn, president, Hahn Consulting

Image  Sid Saleh, Center for Services Marketing

Image  Jeanne Urich, management consultant,


Killer KPIs for Professional Services (Jeanne Urich)
The numbers you should track to sell professional services successfully.

How to Invent a Service Product (David Birnbaum)
A methodology for identifying opportunities for new, high-margin support services.

Profit Metrics for Professional Services (Sid Saleh)
Fee-based services can be a gold mine for support organizations, but six key indicators are important to track on a regular basis.

How to Capture More Training Dollars (Dorene Sykes)
Useful advice on how to make training programs more profitable.


Should we give competency tests when we train new users?
"When we train new users on our software, some of our clients want us to administer a final competency exam and even report the scores of their attendees. Is this a good practice?"

Using channel partners for selling training?
"I am trying to set up an indirect model for training offerings through our channel network. We intend to identify premier training partners in various geographies... We have audited possible partners and come up with a checklist of requirements... I am looking for fresh ideas on how to appropriately structure the financial terms with such partners."

[Recommendations welcome]

Alexander Consulting, St. James City, FL 33956; 239/283-7400.
Web: Consulting firm specializing in professional services strategy and metrics.

AntFarm, Alpharetta, GA 30004; 678/566-3675.
Web: Services design workshops and consulting.

Big Machines, Chicago, IL; 847/572-0300.
Web: Automated proposal generator.

Click Software, Burlington, MA 01803; 781/272-5903.
Web: Workforce management for field service agents.

PSVillage. Web: Community site for IT professional services consultants.

Sant, Cincinnati, OH; 513/631-1155.
Web: Software for creating proposals, RFP responses, etc.

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