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Image   Tech Support Outsourcing (2002)
A look at outsourcing costs and performance metrics, with advice on how to negotiate better contracts.

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Image  M.M. "Sath" Sathyanarayan, President, Global Development Consulting

Image  Phil Verghis, President, The Verghis Group


Capturing outsourcer knowledge?
"We have a very talented outsourcing team, but I've just realized that whenever they solve a tough problem the solution should be added to our knowledgebase. How can we make this happen? I don't want to pay them to write tech notes that duplicate what we already have."

What about outsourcing to a call center in India?
"I manage a medium-sized support center, and we already offload about half our call volume to a U.S. outsourcer. I've heard that I could probably cut my costs by 50% or more with an Indian outsourcing firm. That kind of savings would be a big help, but I'm concerned about managing a vendor who's literally on the other side of the world. And I'm uncomfortable about exporting jobs, too. Can anyone offer some guidance?"

[Under construction—recommendations welcome]

DMG Consulting, West Orange, NJ 07052; 973/325-2954.
Web: Research reports on contact center outsourcing.

The ASP Directory of Outsourcers

The following firms provide outsourcing services for telephone and/or e-mail customer support, customer service, and internal help desk support. We've done our best to track down all the key players in this fast-growing area, but if we've missed someone you'd recommend, please let us know.

1-800 Call Center, Nashville, TN; 877-733-4610

1to1 Contact Centers, Lancaster, PA; 717-391-6100

24/7 Pvt. Ltd., Atlanta, GA; 770-982-5343

Access Worldwide Communications, Hyattsville, MD; 410-552-5055

Accutel, Eugene, OR; 541-434-2510

ACI Telecentrics, Minneapolis,MN; 612-928-4700

Acropolis Tech, Clayton, MO; 314-890-2208

ACT Support, Plano, TX; 972-612-3331

Aditi, Bellevue, WA; 425-897-2900

Advanced Innovative Marketing, Emmaus, PA; 610-928-2468

Alorica Inc., Chino, CA; 909-606-3600

Alpine Access, Golden, CO; 303-279-0585

Ambergris Solutions, Manila, Philippines; 616-957-3616

Ambs Call Center, Jackson and Grand Rapids, MI; 800-968-1186

American Customer Care, Bristol, CT; 800-267-0686, Portland, OR; 800-525-1315

Answernet Network, Princeton, NJ; 800-411-5777

APAC Customer Services, Deerfield, IL; 800-688-7687

Apollo Health Street, Atlanta, GA; 770-280-2630

Arise, Miramar, FL; 888-899-5995

B2K Corp., Louisville, CO; 720-323-6896

Blue Ocean Contact Centers, Halifax, Nova Scotia; 888-453-8400

Brickwork India, Louisville, CO; 720-323-6896

Brigade Solutions, San Francisco, CA; 415-284-7030

Call Centers India, Seattle, WA; 800-966-6581

Callbox Customer Contact Solutions, Encino, CA; 888-810-7464

CallTech Communications, Columbus, OH; 512-261-0409

Center Partners, Ft. Collins, CO; 800-519-3532

Chips Technology Group, Syosset, NY; 516-377-6585

Clarity Customer Management, Rochester, NY; 585-298-9900

Client Outsource Corporation, Austin, TX; 877-813-7475

Clientelplus, Cornwall, ON; 613-930-9510

ClientLogic, Nashville, TN; 615-301-7100

Compucom Systems, Dallas, TX; 972-856-3600

Computer Generated Solutions, New York, NY; 212-408-3800

Connectwise IT, Tampa, FL; 813-935-7100, Orlando, FL; 407-926-2405

Convergys, Cincinnati, OH; 513-458-1300

CorporaTel, Halifax, Nova Scotia; 888-453-8400

CustomerDirect, Chesterfield, MO; 800-332-3756

Daksh eServices Pvt. Ltd., Irving, CA; 949-442-8360

Datacom Customer Contact Pty., Sidney, Australia; +61 2 9023 5000

DecisionOne, Frazer, PA; 888-287-9202, Tucson, AZ; 877-603-4357

e4e, Hunt Valley, MD; 410-568-2300

Entel Call Center, Santiago, Chile; 800-535-6351

ePacific Global Contact Center, Pasig City, Philippines; +632 687-4780

eTelecare Global Solutions, Scottsdale, AZ; 877-375-0002

Fused Solutions, Potsdam, NY; 877-754-2998

Fusion, Greensboro, NC; 877-895-8527

GEM—see Global E-mail Company

Global Center Solution Associates, Austin, TX; 512-826-1567

Global E-mail Company (gem), Belfast, Northern Ireland; 800-334-6760

Global Response, Margate, Fl 33068; 954-973-7300

Goldstone Technologies, Vienna, VA; 703-748-0090

Hagen Information Technologies, Watertown, WI; 877-HAGEN-IT

HCL InfiNet Ltd., New Delhi, India

Help Desk NOW, Greensboro, NC; 877-895-8527

Hispanic Teleservices Corp., Houston, TX; 713-807-1300

Hudson Software, Thornwood, NY; 914-773-0400

ICT Group, Langhorne, PA; 800-201-1085

Inforonics, Littleton, MA; 978-698-7300

Inwoo Tech, Seoul, Korea; +82 2 3452 4800

iStonish, Denver, CO; 303-713-9700

J-Curve Technologies, Phoenix, AZ; 602-792-6100

Language Line, Monterey, CA; 877-886-3885

LiveBridge, Portland, OR; 503-652-6000

Microdyne, Torrance, CA; 310-257-2616

MPC Call Centers, New York, NY; 800-776-4448

National TechTeam, Dearborn, MI; 313-277-2277, Winthrop, WA; 509-996-2357

NetCreativeMind, New Dehli, India; +91-11-41689181-83

netCustomer Inc., San Jose, CA; 408-557-0822

OKS Ameridial, Bala Cynwyd, PA; 610-667-3000

On-Line Support, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; 866-657-4636

PC Helps, Bala Cynwyd, PA; 610-668-3516

PeopleSupport, Los Angeles, CA; 877-914-5999

Perwit International, Ottawa, Ontario; 613-729-2090

Precision Response Corp. (PRC), Plantation, FL; 888-225-5772

Premium Outsourcing Services, Santiago, Dominican Republic; 809-971-1305

Priority ONE Support, Magna, UT; 877-735-3388

PSI Call Center, West Bloomfield, MI; 248-624-2400

Qualita, Mexico City, Mexico; +52 65 33 37

Quest International, Irvine, CA; 949-581-9900

Rainmaker Asia, Makati City, Manila; 63-2-878-1500

RomNet, Boston, MA; 617-783-2819, Seattle, WA; 206-903-1879

Seneca Corp., Vienna, VA; 800-759-4878

Sento, American Fork, UT; 800-868-8448

SerioSoft, Livingston, Scotland; +44 1506 462222

ServiceWare Corp., Tokyo, Japan; +81 3 3342 6200

ServiCom, a JNET Communications Co., Warren, NJ; 908-964-7041

Servisle, Fremont, CA; 510-795-6735

Sitel, Omaha, NE; 410-246-1505, San Jose, CA; 408-367-4020

Software Del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina; +54 11 5382 3883

Source One Communications, Bloomfield, NJ; 973-893-8502

Specialty Answering Service Group, King of Prussia, PA; 888-532-4794

Startek, Denver, CO; 303-262-4500

Stellar Call Centres, Sydney, Australia; +613 8416 4000

Stream International, Richardson, TX; 888-284-5834

Sunivera Communications, Mumbai, India; 516-409-0187

SupportTechs, LLC, Aurora, IL; 800-587-8171

Sutherland Global Services, Rochester, NY; 800-388-4557

Sykes Enterprises, Tampa, FL; 813-274-1000

Synergon Solutions, Melbourne, FL; 800-820-6103

Taldor Group, Petach-Tikva, Israel; +972 3 9298298

Talisma Corp. Pvt. Ltd., Kirkland, WA; 425-897-2900

TC Kokua, Maui, HI; 808-875-6634

TCIM Services, Wilmington, DE; 800-333-2255

Team Premier, Nashville, TN; 877-733-4610

Telacquire Marketing Group, Vancouver, B.C., Canada; 604-677-7780

Tele-Interpreters, Glendale, CA; 800-811-7881

Telecom, San Francisco, CA; 415-305-0504

Teledirect, Singapore; +65 221 2783

Telemarketing Japan (TMJ), Tokyo, Japan; +81 3 5454 5097

Teleperformance, Salt Lake City, UT; 801-359-6843

Telespectrum, Berwyn, PA; 888-878-7400

TeleTech, Denver, CO; 303-894-4000

Telus, Manila, Philippines; 616-957-3616

Telvista, Dallas, TX; 972-919-7800

Thin Solutions, Cleveland, OH; 216-685-3000

TMS Call Centers, Roseburg, OR; 800-377-7995

Torcom, Madison, WI; 800-832-4939

Touch Asia, Sacramento, CA; 916-427-5317

Transcom Worldwide, Luxembourg; +352 40 14 21 00

Transversal Corp. Ltd., Cambridge, UK; +44 1223 723384

Transworks Information Services, Sunnyvale, CA; 408-730-2650, Kirkland, WA; 206-802-0200

Virtual-Agent Services, Schaumburg, IL; 888-827-7253

VMC, Redmond, WA; 877-393-8622

West Corp., Omaha, NE; 800-762-3800

WillowCSN, Miramar, FL; 888-899-5995

Zavata, Atlanta, GA; 770-280-2630

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