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Services Marketing


Image  The Great Customer Experience
How to deliver a Wow! experience.

Image  Trends in Fee-Based Support (2008)
Business models that technology companies have adopted to deliver support and premium services.

Image  A Guide to Packaged Services (2007)
Critical success factors for fixed scope, fixed price services offerings.

Image  How to Grow Professional Services (2006)
Innovative ideas for building a larger, more lucrative business from support-related professional services.

Image  Maintenance Renewal Rates (2005)
Benchmarks for maintenance renewal rates and data on the impact of key variables like product price and sales channels.

Image  CAN-SPAM Guidelines for Tech Support E-mail (2004)
A detailed look at what support organizations must do to comply with the new federal anti-spam law.

Image  Support Pricing & Negotiating Strategies (2003)
Ten key variables to manage the contract pricing and negotiation process.

Image  >Service Marketing: The Relationship Factor (2002)
As support organizations expand their portfolios of fee-based services, they need new marketing methods to win customers. [FREE]

ImageTrends in Fee-Based Support (2002)
Data on pricing and features for maintenance, premium support, training, consulting, and other paid support services.

Image  Tech Support Newsletters (2000)
How to build mailing lists and create compelling editorial content for e-mail newsletters.

Image  Indicates complimentary Open House hours

Image  Paul M. Dooley, president & general manager
Optimal Connections, LLC

      Al Hahn, president, Hahn Consulting

Image  Sid Saleh, Center for Services Marketing

      Jeffrey Tarter, executive director, ASP

      Tom Sweeney, principal, ServiceXRG

Image  Françoise Tourniaire, principal, FT Works

Image  Jeanne Urich, management consultant,


Demand Creation Is a Myth (Randy Shattuck)
Responding to customer pain issues will generate better leads.

How to Invent a Service Product (David Birnbaum)
A methodology for identifying opportunities for new, high-margin support services.

Checklist: Subscription-Based Services
A discussion of key factors in the design, pricing, and positioning of service offerings.

How to Capture More Training Dollars (Dorene Sykes)
Useful advice from a consultant on how to make training programs more profitable.

Understanding Customer Retention (Joe Cardosi)
How to translate customer satisfaction into dollars and cents metrics.

Combining Service Excellence with Profitability
Purdue University's Dr. Jon Anton offers a strategy for making the "middle 60%" ("customers who cannot be ignored, but who are hard to serve in a profitable manner") a new source for services growth and profitability. (PDF)

A Services Marketing FAQ (Jeffrey Tarter)
Common marketing questions that emerged during research for our Services Marketing Workshops.

The California anti-spam law (ASP)
An ASP flash survey shows how support organizations responded to a CAN-SPAM predecessor.


Channels—With or Without Support?
"My company is about to take on a few resellers to supplement our enterprise sales force. Some of my colleagues argue that our resellers should provide support, while others here want us to provide all support directly. A third group says we should leave the choice up to individual resellers. Any advice?"

Individual SLAs for Major Accounts?
"Our sales reps routinely negotiate customized service-level agreements with big customers, and the reps insist it 'doesn't cost anything extra' for us to respond to a customer in two hours instead of four or eight hours. But these different SLAs are a nightmare to manage. Help!" Suggestions?

Selling maintenance contracts overseas
"We've been very successful at selling maintenance contracts to our U.S. customers, but we're getting a lot of pushback from our efforts to sell the same offering in Europe. Our sales reps say that customers there don't expect to pay extra for any kind of services—services are supposed to be part of the purchase price."

How should I spend my public relations budget?
"Top management wants to make our maintenance and professional services offerings more visible, so they put $20,000 in my budget for 'public relations.' However, I just met with the company's PR people, and their ideas are pretty worthless. Any advice?"

Using channel partners for selling training?
"I am trying to set up an indirect model for training offerings through our channel network. We intend to identify premier training partners in various geographies... We have audited possible partners and come up with a checklist of requirements... I am looking for fresh ideas on how to appropriately structure the financial terms with such partners."

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