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Image  Setting Limits on Unlimited Support (2009)
A provocative ASP report explores the question whether the best way to deliver high-quality support is to answer every question that customers ask.

Image   Maintenance & Services Ratios (2009)
Revenue and cost benchmarks based on 100 individual public companies, updated annually, plus expert advice on revenue recognition, services accounting, and other financial issues.

Image   Management Performance Benchmarks (2007)
Relative importance rankings for ten areas of management performance.

Image   Tech Support Reporting Channels (2005)
Prevailing org chart models for support organizations.

Image   Doing More With Less (2003)
Advice from support managers and other experts on how to improve efficiency and cut costs.

Image  Indicates complimentary Open House hours

Image  Mikael Blaisdell, principal, Mikael Blaisdell & Associates

Image  Rick Kilton, principal, RWK Enterprises

      Tom Sweeney and Ladd Bodem, principals, ServiceXRG

Image  Colin Taylor, president & CEO, The Taylor Reach Group

Image  Jeanne Urich, management consultant,

Image  Phil Verghis, President, The Verghis Group


Revenue Recognition for Software Products With Multiple Deliverables (Steven Petra & Nathan Slavin)
A detailed explanation of SOP 97-2.

Seven Steps to Remarkable Customer Service (Joel Spolsky)
Advice from a small company CEO.

Industry Standards Cannot Replace Sound Decisions (Brad Cleveland & Ted Hopton)
The limits of benchmarking.

Killer KPIs for Professional Services (Jeanne Urich)
The numbers you should track to sell professional services successfully.

Why Can't You Tell Me What to Measure? (Cinda Daly)
Interview: John Custy offers advice on how to use benchmark data.

Timberline's Turnaround Tactics
An inside look at how a dysfunctional support group got back on track.

Tech Support Teamwork (John Gniadek)
Six tested methods for creating a more tightly-knit support team.

How to Motivate Middle Managers (Mia Melanson)
Managers need a supportive work environment as much as the people they manage.

Management Tips from the Experts (ASP)
Practical and non-textbook tips for improving productivity, customer satisfaction, morale, team building, recruiting, career development, budgeting and forecasting.


Tracking Bug Fixes for Customers
"When we send a bug report to our developers, they're supposed to enter status information in our case management system so we can send progress reports to our customers. Of course, most of the time they 'forget' to update the system, so everyone gets annoyed and my support team looks like we're not following up. How can we fix this problem?"

The best metrics for employee performance?
"I took over a group of support agents who had been given bonuses and raises for reasons that seem to have no basis in their actual performance. I'd like to define one or two really good personal performance metrics, but I'm not sure what they should be. Any suggestions?"

Call Center mergers
"My company has just merged with a major competitor, and I'm supposed to develop a plan for integrating the call centers (which are a thousand miles apart). Help!"

Bug fix promises?
A member asks: "My support team would like to give customers a firm date when a new bug will be fixed. However, our developers say they can't make promises and may decide that some bugs just aren't worth fixing. How can we persuade them to be more responsive?"

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Spectacular Support Centers
Kristin Robertson
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The Ultimate Customer Support Executive
Phil Verghis
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