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Image  Maintenance & Services Ratios (2011)
Benchmarking report on revenue generation and profitability for services among the top 100 public software and technology firms.

Image  Maintenance & Services Ratios (2010)
Benchmarking report on revenue generation and profitability for services among the top 100 public software and technology firms.

Image  Setting Limits on Unlimited Support (2009)
A provocative ASP report explores the question whether the best way to deliver high-quality support is to answer every question that customers ask.

Image  Trends in Fee-Based Support (2008)
Six primary business models that technology companies have adopted to deliver support and premium service, with a look at how each group plans to enhance revenue and customer satisfaction.

Image  Maintenance Renewal Rates (2005)
Benchmarks for maintenance renewal rates and data on the impact of key variables like product price and sales channels.

Image  Support Pricing & Negotiating Strategies (2003)
Ten key variables to manage the contract pricing and negotiation process.

Image  Trends in Fee-Based Support (2002)
Data on pricing and features for maintenance, premium support, training, consulting, and other paid support services.

Image  Indicates complimentary Open House hours

Image  Françoise Tourniaire, principal, FT Works


How to Make Money on Maintenance (Rich Kline)
Ideas on how to improve renewal rates on maintenance contracts.

Understanding Customer Retention (Joe Cardosi)
How to translate customer satisfaction into dollars and cents metrics and improve renewal rates.

Debit Cards: A New Way to Sell Fee-Based Support (David Aune)
How to convince low-end users to pay for premium support services.


Individual SLAs for Major Accounts?
"Our sales reps routinely negotiate customized service-level agreements with big customers, and the reps insist it 'doesn't cost anything extra' for us to respond to a customer in two hours instead of four or eight hours. But these different SLAs are a nightmare to manage. Help!" Suggestions?

Selling Maintenance Contracts Overseas
"We've been very successful at selling maintenance contracts to our U.S. customers, but we're getting a lot of pushback from our efforts to sell the same offering in Europe. Our sales reps say that customers there don't expect to pay extra for any kind of services—services are supposed to be part of the purchase price. Any advice?"

The Legacy Product Problem
"We have a dozen or so 'legacy' products that still generate some income from maintenance and parts sales, but they're a nuisance. We'd even be happy to give them to a third-party vendor for free, just for the good will we'd get from our users. Has anyone tried this approach?"

Code Maintenance vs. Support
"We have a customer who just bought several bundled modules from us but doesn't plan to deploy them until next year. They're willing to pay a maintenance fee for upgrades and patches until then but don't want to pay for support until the software is actually in use. How should we price this deal?"

Sarbanes-Oxley certification
"Some of our bigger clients are beginning to ask for Sarbanes-Oxley 'certification' for patches and upgrades. This is beginning to feel like Y2K all over again. What are other software companies doing about these requests?"

Mandatory Support?
"We're considering making the first year of support mandatory for anyone who buys our products. We're also considering making our support contracts 'evergreen'-that is, automatically self-renewing."

[Recommendations welcome]

Janco Associates, UT; 818/865-9355.
Web: SLA template ($499), other reports.

AttachPoint, Agoura Hills, CA 91301; 818/865-9355.
Web: Outsource service for maintenance renewals.

Encover, Mt. View, CA 94043; 650/417-9000.
Web: Outsource service for maintenance renewals.

ServiceSource, San Francisco, CA 94111; 415/901-6030.
Web: Outsource service for maintenance renewals.

License Technologies Group, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089; 800/883-8573.
Web: Maintenance renewal automation software.

SLA Information Zone, Theale, UK.
Web: Templates and other tools for service level agreements.

Softrax, Canton, MA 02021; 781/830-9200.
Web: Maintenance renewal automation software.

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