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Knowledge Management


Image  Setting Limits on Unlimited Support (2009)
A provocative ASP report explores the question whether the best way to deliver high-quality support is to answer every question that customers ask.

Image   A Guide to Better Tech Notes (2009)
Useful tips and strategies from ASP members on how to create, maintain, and measure the most basic component of any Web knowledgebase.

Image   Managing Support Forums (2004)
How to develop an effective self-service support forum where users contribute most of the solutions.

Image  Indicates complimentary Open House hours

      Jason Kaufman, president, IRREVO

      David Kay, principal, DB Kay & Associates

      Greg Oxton, executive director, Consortium for Service Innovation

Image  Kristin Robertson, principal, KR Consulting

      Ann Rockley, principal, The Rockley Group

Image  Françoise Tourniaire, principal, FT Works

Image  Phil Verghis, President, The Verghis Group


Putting the A in the FAQs (Leslie O'Flahavan & Marilynne Rudick)
Tips on creating better FAQ sections.

How to Create a FAQ Page Your Customers Will Love (Rahel Anne Bailie)
Hint: The FAQ page should be more than a dumping ground for miscellaneous stuff.

Managing Enterprise Content (Ann Rockley)
A clear, comprehensive guide for integrating the work of multiple authors for multiple audiences.

Knowledge Management White Paper (eGain)
An insightful white paper about knowledge management and customer interaction.

Why Aren't Users Reading the Manual? (Tanja Rosteck)
Don't assume users are lazy or dumb, says a documentation expert.


Rich Media ROI?
"Does rich media—specifically, video how-to clips—really help resolve support issues? We're thinking about adding video to our knowledgebase, but it's so expensive that we want to be sure there's a positive ROI before we go ahead. Feedback, please."

Tech note best practices
"We get a lot of complaints that our tech notes are 'too technical' (they were written for our support engineers, not for end users). Are there best practices for writing tech notes we could adopt?"

Capturing outsourcer knowledge?
"We have a very talented outsourcing team, but I've just realized that whenever they solve a tough problem the solution should be added to our knowledgebase. How can we make this happen? I don't want to pay them to write tech notes that duplicate what we already have."

Wiki format for knowledgebase?
"We're thinking about adopting a Wiki format (collaborative knowledgebase) for our Web support content. Has anyone tried this approach or can offer advice?"

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The Content Wrangler, Indianapolis, IN 46220; 317/466-1840.
Web: Resources and news for technical communicators.

Intentional Design, Vancouver, BC; 604/837-0034.
Web: Consulting on content design and management.

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Collective Wisdom: Transforming Support with Knowledge
Françoise Tourniaire and David Kay
Click image for details.

Information Architecture for the World Wide Web
Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville
Click image for details.