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Image  Technical Support Salary Survey (2013)
The ASP's annual salary survey tracks pay trends for seven categories of support employee-senior support executive, department manager, analyst/project manager, senior support technician, field support technician, support technician, and customer service rep. Data is broken out by skill level, company size, organization size, and product price.

Image  Tech Support Turnover Rates (2006)
Benchmarking data on employee departures for various sizes of organization and experience levels.

Image  Tech Support Reporting Channels (2005)
Prevailing org chart models for support organizations.

Image  Tech Support Cost Ratios Survey (2004)
Benchmark data for revenue and headcount ratios, labor and overhead costs, productivity, escalation, fee-based support, and other useful metrics.

Image  Training Salary Survey (2004)
Compensation benchmarks for instructor/trainers and content developers.

Image  Technical Support Training Metrics (2003)
Benchmarks and guidance for best practices in in-house training.

Image  Doing More With Less (2003)
Advice from support managers and other experts on how to improve efficiency and cut costs.

Image  After-Hours Support Compensation (2001)
On-site and off-site compensation models and trends, based on data from 296 support organizations.

Image  Certification and Support Salaries (2001)
Is passing a certification exam a sure-fire way to get a raise? Not according to an ASP survey of company pay and promotion practices. [FREE]

Image  Indicates complimentary Open House hours

Image  Rick Kilton, principal, RWK Enterprises

Image  Colin Taylor, president & CEO, The Taylor Reach Group

Image  Françoise Tourniaire, principal, FT Works


Pluses and Minuses of Variable Pay (Milton Zall)
Ways to align pay with performance.

Employee Satisfaction Trends
Survey data from a well-regarded employee satisfaction survey.

Print Your Own Money (Michael Blakley)
Cold cash is always a great incentive. But sometimes fake money works even better.

Recruiting Sources (ASP)
ASP members rank the best avenues for finding new employees.

The Cost of Turnover (Bill Bliss)
A checklist of items to include when calculating the cost of turnover in any organization.

Tools or Talent? What to Look for in a Technical Writer (Jack Molisani)
The essential qualities of a "good" writer, and how to spot them in your potential hires.

Recruiting: Are You Hiring Charm or Competence? (Harvey Widger)
Tips from an executive recruiter on interviewing, reference checks and hiring the best candidate.

Tech Support Teamwork (John Gniadek)
Six tested methods for creating a more tightly-knit support team.

How to Motivate Middle Managers (Mia Melanson)
Managers need a supportive work environment as much as the people they manage.

Management Tips From The Experts (ASP)
Practical and non-textbook tips for improving productivity, customer satisfaction, morale, team building, recruiting, career development, budgeting and forecasting.


E-Mail writing standards
"A few of our support reps have real problems writing a grammatical English sentence. They insist that e-mail is a 'different medium,' so punctuation and spelling aren't important. Who's right?"

Tracking time
"My support staff performs lots of different tasks during the day, some of which take just a few minutes. I'd like to figure out how to allocate their time on average, but I can't walk around with a stopwatch and they probably won't fill out time sheets accurately. Help!"

Best Metrics for Employee Performance?
"I took over a group of support agents who had been given bonuses and raises for reasons that seem to have no basis in their actual performance. I'd like to define one or two really good personal performance metrics, but I'm not sure what they should be. Any suggestions?"

On-site weekend compensation
"Our field engineers and trainers travel approximately 75% and typically leave and return the same week. What type of compensation, if any, should we extend if we change our model and have the engineers spend the weekend at a location so they can be there the following week to finish the implementation?"

Overtime rules for support employees
"We think we're in compliance with the new rules that govern exempt and non-exempt employee pay, but all the guidelines we've found are very general and full of 'it depends' answers. Has anyone found a simple, clear statement (specifically about tech support employees) that we can show to top management?"

Career advice?
"I've spent my whole career in customer support jobs at several software companies, but lately I've been considering a better-paid job as a corporate help desk manager. However, a friend says people from the end-user help desk world almost never get hired for responsible support jobs in software companies. Am I making a dumb career move?"

What's the right basis for an incentive plan?
"Our CEO is firm believer in incentives and wants me to set up a rewards system for our support reps. However, I'm concerned about creating incentives for the wrong behavior. Any thoughts about what we should try to reward?"

[Recommendations welcome]

Culpepper, Alpharetta, GA 30022; 770/641-5400.
Web: Salary and benefits surveys, other HR benchmarking data.

eLance, Mountain View, CA 94043; 650/316-7500.
Web: Matching service for free-lance programmers, marketers, many other jobs.

OnForce, New York, NY 10018; 212/931-1900.
Web: Matching service for free-lance service techs and installers., Waltham, MA 02451; 866/725-2791.
Web: Research, articles, zip-code-level salary estimates., Vancouver, WA 98662; 877/799-3427.
Web: Salary data, global comparisons, cost-of-living calculators, etc.

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The Art of Software Support
Françoise Tourniaire and Richard Farrell
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Phil Verghis
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