ASP 2017 Reports

  • A Simplified Look at Support and Services Revenue and Margin Contributions ASP published a financial ratios report from 2004 through 2014. We have not published this report since then. It simply got too complex to research and write in a way that would be useful for our members.
  • This year ASP has partnered with Service Strategies, the National Association of Service Managers, and the Society of Service Executives on this salary survey to get a broader cross section of companies. Because of industry consolidation, there are simply fewer companies to survey. Despite the partnering, this year we had only 16 companies in our survey, compared with 35 last year, and 66 the year before that.
  • We talk with both ASP members and non-members alike about the changing expectations of support all the time. This is a perennial topic for those of us in the business of supporting customers. At last year’s Joint Symposium, we had two different presentations about how Millennials were changing things. Millennials are the largest generation since the Baby-Boomers, so they will exert a great deal of influence as they begin to dominate.