ASP 2016 Reports

  • Companies have evolved customer measurements as well as the entire customer journey. It has occurred to us at ASP that it is confusing to many of our members. This report attempts to sort through the relevant issues, provide more clarity on those issues, and make a few recommendations. For starters, these are not all the same things. Customer satisfaction and customer effort are essentially metrics. The customer experience and customer success are journeys that your customers go through while using your products and services. It can definitely exacerbate the confusion factor when they are used almost interchangeably. They are not interchangeable! 
  • This year Tricentis was one of our Top Ten Best Web Support Sites, an annual competition that has been going on for 18 years now. They were the only winner in the small company (under $100 million in total corporate revenues) category. There were, however, only two small companies entered, so that does not seem to be too great an achievement, unless you look at the scores. Tricentis score beat over half of the large companies (over $1 billion) and those companies have many times the resources of Tricentis. The company has around 240-250 employees total and approximately 40 in support. This information makes their achievement remarkable.
  • This year ASP has partnered with Service Strategies, the National Association of Service Managers, and the Society of Service Executives on this salary survey to get a broader cross section of companies. Because of industry consolidation, there are simply fewer companies to survey.