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Trends in Fee-Based Support
Publication date: 2/02

Executive summary

Fee-based services—including maintenance, training, and custom development—represent a growing revenue opportunity for many software companies. Moreover, corporate buyers are generally less sensitive about service prices than about product prices, as long as those prices are roughly comparable to prevailing marketplace rates.

To provide benchmarks for setting fee-based service prices (and to help in the design of these services), the ASP has analyzed data from 116 participating software companies and used this data to define benchmarks and price ranges for the following metrics:

  • Per-incident support pricing
  • Per-minute support pricing
  • Maintenance rates and price points
  • Maintenance renewal rates
  • Maintenance components
  • Optional vs. required maintenance
  • Professional service pricing
  • On-site training prices
  • Public training prices
  • Training course length
In addition, the report includes advice and guidelines from service marketing experts about how to structure prices and develop performance metrics for professional service groups.

Copies of the survey are free to ASP members in the members-only area.

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