2023 ASP Best Support Websites
Al Hahn
Executive Director
The Association of Support Professionals

Each year ASP awards the best support websites. We have been doing this for 26 years. I will tell you how sites are judged and awarded, but that is not the most important part of this activity. The significant part is that many companies get objective feedback about their sites from five independent expert judges. Each site is scored in 22 different areas. For some functions, our judges will try to do common things like search or enter a case. Judges are all volunteers who have been vetted for relevant experience. In some cases, they are noted support consultants and/or leaders such as Francoise Tourniaire, David Kay, Arnfinn Austefjord and Phil Verghis. Every company that submits a site receives a confidential site report with average scores in each area, along with judges’ comments and suggestions for improvements. No one else knows what our judges critiqued. We do not publish a list of who entered or rankings so this activity is entirely confidential (except for the award winners).

This would not be cheap if you hired one of our noted consultant friends, but because we have volunteers and a generous sponsor, we don’t charge much ($1,100-$2,200 depending on company size, ASP corporate members get a discount). This should not be a barrier to improving your support website. We used to require an essay about your site (and you can still submit one), but now you can just fill out an online form.

Oh yeah, we do award the top scoring support sites and feature them in a conference and reports so everyone can see what state-of-the-art has become. That is just for a few, however. Most sites just get quietly improved without any fanfare. We are now taking entries, but there is a deadline of May 19th, so get started soon. We guarantee you won’t be sorry.

The 2023 ASP Best Support Websites competition is sponsored by a generous contribution from
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