ASP Announces 2020 Conference, Customer Success + Support: A Powerful Partnership

ASP Announces 2020 Conference,  Customer Success + Support: A Powerful Partnership.  Join the ASP in Dallas to learn how companies define and deliver support for outcomes that customers want.

Mar 24 – 25, 2020 Dallas TX

After discussing it with our Member’s Advisory Board, we have decided to have a conference in March of 2020. It will be hosted in Dallas, Texas by TeamSupport. The theme was also selected by the Member’s Advisory Board. It was an easy decision because everyone who attended the 2019 conference remembers that the most spirited discussion was about Customer Success. Apparently, there are lots of questions and much to discuss because the discussion ran on for quite a while. We expect that this will continue at the 2020 conference.

Conference Hosted By

We already have several interesting presenters lined up and there will be more. So far, they include Mikael Blaisdell, the founder and Executive Director of the Customer Success Association. The chair of our Member’s Advisory Board, Jerry Stalick, VP of Customer Success at F5 Networks will present, along with his counterpart VP of Support, Ron Runyon and their Sr. Director of Enterprise Success, Erika Cowen. This is the sort of closely connected team that we all need to hear from.

Then there is Mohammed Ajouz, SVP & Global Head of Product Support at SAP. We are talking with Rubrik, Solidworks, Oracle, and Francoise Tourniare as well and expect all of them to present. Some presentation slots are still open, so if you feel that you have a relevant topic to present, please contact me at

This will be our third conference. All of the prior conference have been intimate affairs, with lots of interactions. The attendees tend to be VPs/Directors of Support, along with some of their teams. I have recently noticed that some of the executives in our membership have added success to their support responsibilities. We will hear from several of them. I expect 100-200 attendees. This allows everyone to interact with our presenters, not only during their presentations, but throughout the conference as well.  This year, we had a delightful evening in San Diego with a cocktail party that ended with many small discussion groups around a communal firepit. We will build the agenda around interactive sessions, but we will avoid breakout groups that splinter off from the main events. While you can find larger events, you will not find one that is as focused on support activities. As usual there will be early-bird discounts, but only until Dec.15th. ASP members get substantial discounts.

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Tue, Mar 24, 2020, 8:00 AM –

Wed, Mar 25, 2020, 4:00 PM CDT

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2101 Ross Ave.

Dallas, TX 75201

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