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Templates and Checklists

The ASP is developing a clearinghouse for document templates and process checklists that embody "best practices" for a wide range of support-related tasks, including contracts, technology and services RFQs, financial models, surveys, job descriptions, and project roadmaps. These templates are offered royalty-free to ASP members. Note that you may freely adapt these templates, but customization and support are not part of the deal.

If you have a template or checklist that you'd like to share, please contact ASP executive director Jeffrey Tarter for more information.

Image Knowledge Base Article QA Checklist
A detailed list of best practices for KB articles, developed by experts in technical content writing and editing.
Source: Jason Kaufman, president Irrevo,
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Image Vendor Evaluation Checklist for Chat Tools
A comprehensive evaluation matrix for measuring differences in key product features.
Source: Kent Greff, Manager/Support Applications, Quest Software,
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Image Call Center Staffing Budget
An interactive worksheet for determining the optimum staffing level for a support call center.
Source: Françoise Tourniaire, principal, FTWorks,
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Image RFP Template: Offshore Technical Support
A detailed and annotated template for soliciting offshore technical support proposals.
Source: M. M. Sathyanarayan, president, Global Development Consulting,
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Image A Financial Model for Launching New Services
A basic business plan template for forecasting revenue and expenses for a new support or services offering.
Source: "Maintenance & Services Ratios", Association of Support Professionals,
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Image Web Support Evaluation Criteria
This document contains the scoring criteria used by the judges in the ASP's annual "Ten Best Web Support Sites" competition. A good checklist for evaluating your own site and individual site elements.
Source: "Site Scoring System", Association of Support Professionals,
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Image ASP Satisfaction Survey Template
A good template for transactional satisfaction surveys, which can also be used for peer-to-peer benchmarking programs.
Source: "Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking", Association of Support Professionals,
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Image Tool-Level Satisfaction Survey
Developed by Juniper Networks, this Web survey form compares satisfaction against importance to the customer (gap analysis).
Source: "Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking", Association of Support Professionals,
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Image Technology Implementation Checklist
An ASP checklist for business issues that have a major impact on the success of new technology implementations.
Source: "Managing Emerging Technologies", Association of Support Professionals,
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Image The Impact of Renewal Rate Improvements
A popular graphic that demonstrates the long-term ROI of improving maintenance renewal rates.
Source: "Maintenance Renewal Rates", Association of Support Professionals,

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