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Customer Onboarding Gains Traction (report)

Publication date: 9/2015

Executive Summary

We ve been hearing a lot about Onboarding and having frequent discussions about it with service & support leaders. Accordingly ASP commissioned research and the writing of this report so our members could get good real-time information to make decisions regarding Onboarding.

First we sent around a three question survey to see what was top of mind among our members. From this we learned that no one who responded to the survey thought Onboarding was a passing trend. They either selected it as a Growing Movement or as a Standard Practice. Then over 60% chose In Place for where theuy were at with Onboarding. Lastly the question of who owns Onboarding was met with very mixed results, indication that different companies deal with from different organizational paths.

Next Shera winter, our researcher/reporter held in-depth interviews with experts and companies that were pretty far along this path. That is the basis for the bulk of our report, which is bulleted below.

Onboarding Driven by Cloud and SaaS


Evolution of Onboarding

How it is Done

Critical Components

Tools for Automation

Who Owns it?

How is Success Defined?
by Shera Winter
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Copies of the survey are free to ASP members in the members-only area.

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