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Knowledgebase: Contract Design/Pricing/Sales

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Three Quick Ways to Increase Service Revenue (Shera Winter)
Why Service Pricing Strategies Don''t Work (Al Hahn)
I will probably challenge everything they think they know about pricing.
Sales Support - The Key to Sales and Marketing Efficiency (Al Hahn)
Many times we find that the simple things in life, and in business, are among the most important.
What it Takes to be Competitive (Al Hahn)
I have come to realize that our industry has no agreed upon standard for what it means to be competitive.
Demystifying Service Pricing (Al Hahn)
Many people find services to be a dimly understood, mysterious art form.... while there is some art to pricing, it should be mostly science.
New Models for Selling Services (Al Hahn)
For Most Companies, a little improvement in technique would produce an explosion of results.
New Service Product/Business Development (Al Hahn)
Ultimately we need to balance out our development skills to be adept at moving into both of the "safe" expansion quadrants.
The Value of Service (Al Hahn)
Knowing that hardware calls are dwindling, we need to build other values into our contracts.
Selling Free-Range Chickens (Al Hahn)
Developing a strategy to offer your customers comparative information that will be to your advantage.
Pricing in the Strike Zone (Al Hahn)
Customers don't have to love your price, they just have to tolerate it.
Prices, Margins, and Discounts (Al Hahn)
Price service in line with your delivery capabilities and offer modest discounts that reward long-term contracts or volume.
Who''s Selling Service These Days? (Al Hahn)
The Mythology of Service Pricing (Alfred Hahn)
Standard and Innovative Offerings for Hardware, Software and Professional Services (Al Hahn)

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