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An invitation from The Association of Support Professionals

Dear colleague,

Would you spend $500-$900 to get a really objective benchmarking analysis of your Web support site?

If so, let me offer a suggestion: Consider entering our annual "Ten Best Web Support Sites" competition.

Naturally, the focus of the competition is on the ten top-ranked sites. But many companies enter even though they know they're unlikely to end up in the "top ten."

The reason: Everyone who enters gets back a detailed, customized profile of how their site scored in 25 separate performance categories. And the report also shows how these 25 scores compare against averages for similar sized companies--precise benchmarks you otherwise couldn't buy at any price.
And the scores you get back aren't just one person's anecdotal opinion. Every site gets reviewed by five independent analysts, using a scoring system that's been fine-tuned over the past 19 years. If there's an industry-wide yardstick for excellent Web support, this is it, hands down.

The report you get will show how your site compares against your peers in a wide range of areas--usability, design, navigation, knowledgebase and search implementation, interactive features (forums, e-mail, chat, etc.), the quality of customer experience, technology, use of metrics, and much more. You'll see where your site is delivering state-of-the-art self-service, and where you need to catch up to the competition.

We also take company size into account in analyzing your performance. Small (under $100 million), Medium ($100 - $999 million), and large ( $1 billion plus) companies in sales are benchmarked against their peers.

Not a bad deal for an entry fee of just $495 for a small company, $695 for a medium sized company, and $895 for a large company.

Think about the value of this kind of independent, objective assessment the next time you're lobbying for budget dollars for a site upgrade. Or looking for recognition for a job well done. As the folks from MasterCard might say: "Priceless."

If you're curious about how the "best sites" process works, just look through the Awards links in the navigation box at the top.

You'll find a copy of the scoring system, an FAQ, and an entry form. And if our Web site leaves you with any nagging questions, drop me a note and I'll try to help.

I look forward to seeing your entry!

Al Hahn
Executive Director
Association of Support Professionals
38954 Proctor Blvd. #396
Sandy, OR 97005