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An invitation from The Association of Support Professionals

Dear colleague,

Would you spend $500-$900 to get a really objective benchmarking analysis of your Web support site?

If so, let me offer a suggestion: Consider entering our annual "Ten Best Web Support Sites" competition.

Naturally, the focus of the competition is on the ten top-ranked sites. But many companies enter even though they know they're unlikely to end up in the "top ten."

The reason: Everyone who enters gets back a detailed, customized profile (see example below) of how their site scored in 25 separate performance categories. And the report also shows how these 25 scores compare against averages for all the other entries--precise benchmarks you otherwise couldn't buy at any price.
And the scores you get back aren't just one person's anecdotal opinion. Every site gets reviewed by five independent analysts, using a scoring system that's been fine-tuned over the past ten years. If there's an industry-wide yardstick for excellent Web support, this is it, hands down.

The report you get will show how your site compares against your peers in a wide range of areas--usability, design, navigation, knowledgebase and search implementation, interactive features (forums, e-mail, chat, etc.), the quality of customer experience, technology, use of metrics, and much more. You'll see where your site is delivering state-of-the-art self-service, and where you need to catch up to the competition.

We also take company size into account in analyzing your performance. Small (under $100 million), Medium ($100 - $999 million), and large ( $1 billion plus) companies in sales are benchmarked against their peers.

Not a bad deal for an entry fee of just $495 for a small company, $695 for a medium sized company, and $895 for a large company.

Think about the value of this kind of independent, objective assessment the next time you're lobbying for budget dollars for a site upgrade. Or looking for recognition for a job well done. As the folks from MasterCard might say: "Priceless."

If you're curious about how the "best sites" process works, just look through the Awards links in the navigation box at the top.

You'll find a copy of the scoring system, an FAQ, and an entry form. And if our Web site leaves you with any nagging questions, drop me a note and I'll try to help.

I look forward to seeing your entry!

Al Hahn
Executive Director
Association of Support Professionals
38954 Proctor Blvd. #396
Sandy, OR 97005