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Contract Design/Pricing/Sales

Demystifying Service Pricing - Many people find services to be a dimly understood, mysterious art form.... while there is some art to pricing, it should be mostly science.
New Models for Selling Services - For Most Companies, a little improvement in technique would produce an explosion of results.
New Service Product/Business Development - Ultimately we need to balance out our development skills to be adept at moving into both of the "safe" expansion quadrants.
Prices, Margins, and Discounts - Price service in line with your delivery capabilities and offer modest discounts that reward long-term contracts or volume.
Pricing in the Strike Zone - Customers don't have to love your price, they just have to tolerate it.
Selling Free-Range Chickens - Developing a strategy to offer your customers comparative information that will be to your advantage.
Standard and Innovative Offerings for Hardware, Software and Professional Services
The Mythology of Service Pricing
The Value of Service - Knowing that hardware calls are dwindling, we need to build other values into our contracts.
Three Quick Ways to Increase Service Revenue
What it Takes to be Competitive - I have come to realize that our industry has no agreed upon standard for what it means to be competitive.
Who''s Selling Service These Days?
Why Service Pricing Strategies Don''t Work - I will probably challenge everything they think they know about pricing.

Service and Support Operations

Management Tips From the Experts - Practical and non-textbook tips for improving productivity, customer satisfaction, morale, team building, recruiting, career development, budgeting and forecasting.

Services Marketing

A Services Marketing FAQ - Common marketing questions that emerged during research for our Services Marketing Workshops.
How to Capture More Training Dollars - Useful advice from a consultant on how to make training programs more profitable.
How to Invent a Service Product - A methodology for identifying opportunities for new, high-margin support services.
The Services Value Continuum - Services should produce value for customers and the service provider, as well. Of course, these values are different. Value, however, is often a difficult item to deal with. It’s perception is key to getting the customer to accept it and that perception can be fragile. To handle it effectively, companies should understand that there is essentially a complete cycle of value creation, delivery, recognition, and regeneration. This White Paper examines that cycle in all of its component parts. Key points for each step to be successful are explained. Everyone involved in service creation and delivery can benefit from this explanation.
The True Strategic Value of Services - Traditional Services (Hardware and Software service contracts) and Professional Services are discussed in this White Paper. They are different in nature and also different in the results that they produce for the companies delivering them. Those differences are explained in some detail in this document. Understanding these is essential when making decisions about which services to offer. The differences can also be critically important when making commitments to executives and in establishing the goals associated with those services.
Understanding Customer Retention - How to translate customer satisfaction into dollars and cents metrics.
Why We Must Deliver What We Promise - Service marketing, selling and delivery must all be aligned in order for customers to perceive the value that has been designed into the service offering. Unfortunately these functions are often misaligned in the real world. The White Paper discusses why and how they are frequently out of alignment and offers some suggestions on improving alignment. Misalignment can cause customers to misunderstand what they should expect and misunderstand the value that they are entitled to receive. Becoming more consistent in delivering what was promised can make higher customer satisfaction easier to achieve and allow more value to be perceived by the customer. These improvement are worth a look by all parties involved in marketing selling and delivery.

Tools & Technology

Helping the Help Desk: Screen-Recording Software Makes Support Jobs Faster - With screen recording tools, you can record videos of on-screen activity from any application.
On Using Animation as a Web Support Tool - For hard-to-explain concepts like Boolean logic, the best e-learning tool may be simple animation.
Should you upgrade your support tools? - Before you spend more money on technology, look closely at process and implementation issues.

Web Support

Interaction Elasticity - Usage goes down as interaction costs increase.
Web Support Automation vs. Human Support - In the rush to automate every aspect of support, let's not overlook the importance of personal contact.