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ASP 2016 Technical Support Salary Survey Report Online Now
ASP partnered this year with Service Strategies, the National Association of Service Managers (NASM) and the Society of Service Executives (SSE) to survey typical support positions. This year we added Field Service Engineer and Depot Technician hardware positions to reflect our evolving membership. The Report is free to ASP members. You just login and it will be the first Report listed under ASP Research Reports.

ASP announces the 2016 Top Ten Support Websites
After the 18th year of competition, ASP has announced the Top Ten Support Websites for 2016. Each entry was evaluated by 5 independent judges for 25 different categories of issues. The judges are all vetted by ASP for competence. Most are professionals who develop and maintain support websites in their job and a few are consultants that build and rebuild support websites for companies. They are also checked for conflicts of interest when they are assigned to specific sites. ASP itself does not participate in the judging and does not know who will win until the results are tallied at the end of the competition. Each entry receives a custom report that details their average scores in each of the 25 categories and the average for companies of their size. Judges specific comments regarding the websites are also included and often help them to assign priorities for improvements and may include ideas on how to best implement improvements. A full (approximately 120 page) report will be published by ASP in about six weeks including essays on each site, trend in this year''s competition and details of average scores and who the judges were. The report is free to all ASP members and available for purchase by non-members. The Top Ten this year are:
Large Company (over $1 billion)
Dell Software
Red Hat
Medium Sized Company ($100 million to $999 million)
Small Company (under $100 million)

New remote Workshop: Building Great Support Sites; Lessons Learned From ASPs Top Ten Web Support Sites Competition
ASP has conducted this competition for a long time and catalogued all the lessons learned. ASP and FT works are presenting this workshop, featuring Francoise Tourniaire, author of the Art of Support and noted support consultant. Francoise will partner with our own Al Hahn for six sessions starting July 12th at 8:00am Pacific time. Each session will last for approximately two hours. It will be like a series of related two-hour webinars, but with more personalized instruction and interaction. We will be able to accept a few actual websites for review by the instructors and the class, but get them to us early as we cant take very many. This is an opportunity to learn the Best Practices of web self-support from two industry experts at far less than you would pay for a top notch consultant.

After attending this workshop, you will be able to:
Conduct an audit of your website to determine areas needing improvement
Separate navigation and UI improvements from back-end improvements
Implement a strategy for building a new website or rebuilding an existing one

Go here for more information. This workshop is priced at $1,500 per person, with ASP individual members receiving a discount of $150, corporate members receive a $250 discount. There are also group rates so you can bring the whole team. To Register for the group rate please email or call us.

New Book by Jeff Tarter The First Hundred Days - Free!
As you may have heard, ASP founder Jeff Tarter has recently finished writing a career guide for rookie employees called The First Hundred Days: How to Hit the Ground Running With a Brand-New Job. Jeff''s book is not specifically targeted at the support world, but he''s spent a lot of years working with support organizations that recruit lots of new graduates-and his insights are terrific.

The First Hundred Days is available in paperback ($8.50) and Kindle ($2.99) versions on Amazon. But... we''ve persuaded Jeff to give ASP members and ASP LinkedIn readers a great "friends and family" discount: a completely free evaluation copy (pdf format). To take advantage of their offer, you''ll need to go to Jeff''s website (; use Code CC4 to access the download link. Jeff is also looking for support managers who''d like to try out the book as part of their own new-employee onboarding, so feel free to make extra copies for this purpose.

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