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Image May 20 & 21 Joint Symposium ASP, NASM (the National Association of Service Managers) and SSE (the Society of Service Executives) are holding the 2015 Joint Symposium in the Chicago area May 20 & 21, 2015.
The Theme this year is Disruptive Technology and the Customer Experience. Many of the people who answer your LinkedIn questions will be presenting, including David Kay, Francoise Tournaire, Phil Verghis, and Mary Schmidt. Even Sam Klaidman will be there, talking about the IOT and tech support. We will feature a debate between two teams regarding Robot Support versus the Customer Experience. It will be a blast. Click here for more info. ASP members get $100 discount and there is an early registration discount of an additional $100 if you sign up before March 1.

Image Ratios Report and Spreadsheet Online Now
As the year ended, we published the 2014 Ratios report with detailed information on the financials of public technology companies that disclose their service and support revenues, costs, and margins. The report is also access panies with a detailed spreadsheet for those who wish to dig deeper into the numbers. This year we added a section on SaaS companies and also a section on some foe the largest tech companies. While most of the companies are software based, there is also a group of hardware companies for those in the hardware realm. Free to members in the members-only area..

Image Our 2015 Support Salary Survey begins now
Want to see if your salary levels are competitive? Start the New Year >off right with our salary survey to see how you stack up with your peer organizations. The survey collects the latest trend data on support compensation across seven major job categories. This year our friends at Service Strategies have joined us in producing the survey and >report. Go here  for information and to participate.

Image  2015 10 Best Web Support Sites Competition Begins Soon—Get Ready
We are accepting entries for the 2015 10 Best Web Support Sites competition. This is also a great (and inexpensive) way to get your site evaluated by a panel of independent judges and get tips for improvements. The deadline for entries will be Friday March 6, 2015. For more information, click here here.

 The Ten Best Web Support Sites of 2014
This detailed report provides lots of information about how companies are stepping up self-help via the web. The 134 page report is available only as a PDF this year with generous reproduction rights. For more information and to order, please click here.

  Report on Tech Support Salary Survey Online Now
ASP has released our report on 2013 salaries for Tech Support workers. In it’s 19th year, our survey has disclosed some major shifts in support employment into much bigger companies. A striking 87% of employees are now employed by companies with over $1 Billion in annual revenues. When we first started our surveys, a much higher percentage were employed by small and mid-size companies. Get the latest salary and financial incentive information from this year’s report. Go here to log in to our member’s section for the full report.

  Report on Virtual Agents From Kaspersky Online Now
Kaspersky has graciously allowed ASP to publish their internal report on using virtual agents. Kaspersky tried using virtual agents in several countries at the same time and measured the results. Based on those results, decisions were made to retain the virtual agent in the U.S. market and eliminate it in others. The report is full of great metrics that will be useful to those trying to make decisions regarding the use of virtual agents. Go here to log in to our member's only section to get access to the full report.

  Report on Social Media Survey Online Now
Our report of a survey taken in late 2013, early 2014 of 51 companies regarding their use of social media for service & support. The report also includes some additional phone interviews. There are several surprises in the report for most people and it is a great guideline for those using or considering the use of social media to support customers. If you want the latest information on a fast-moving area, read this report now. For a summary click here.

New Collaboration with Service Strategies
We've always been big fans of the Service Strategies crew, and recently we've looked for ways to bring Service Strategies and the ASP membership closer together. Two results so far: First, the ASP is formally endorsing the excellent Service Strategies "Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards," and we expect to make these standards more accessible to ASP members (more on this in the next few months). Second, we've arranged hefty discounts—up to $400 per class—on Service Strategies training courses.

SaaS Transition Report
The ASP has published the results of 20 in-depth interviews with managers who are developing best support practices for new SaaS implementations. Free to members in the members-only area.

Pricing Support & Services
The ASP has published a major research report on support and services pricing trends, which members can download from the login page.

The Blog Board
Lately, we've been trolling the Web for blogs that offer interesting commentary on customer support and related voice of the customer topics. The result is a new "Blog Board" feature on the ASP home page (at right). As always, recommendations for additional links are welcome.

Templates & Checklists
Our latest membership feature is a collection of support-related document templates and process checklists. We've posted a few examples as a demonstration, but our goal is to create a clearinghouse for members to share their own best-practices work. If you have any documents like these that you'd like to share with other ASP members (with appropriate credit), please contact ASP executive director Al Hahn for more info.

2014 Research Reports

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2013 Research Reports

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2011 Research Reports

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2009 Research Reports

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2008 Research Reports

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2007 Research Reports

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2006 Research Reports

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2005 Research Reports

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2004 Research Reports

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Training Salary Survey Details
How to Manage Junk E-Mail Free  
2004 Technical Support Salary Survey Free  
Technical Support Cost Ratios Details
CAN-SPAM Guidelines for Tech Support E-Mail Free  

2003 Research Reports

Technical Support Training Metrics Details
Support Pricing & Negotiating Strategies Details
2003 Technical Support Salary Survey Free  
Doing More With Less Details

2002 Research Reports

Tech Support Outsourcing Details
Trends in Fee-Based Support Details
The Economics of Online Support Details
Service Marketing Free  

2000-2001 Research Reports

Customer Satisfaction Survey Metrics Details
Tech Support Newsletters Details
After-Hours Support Compensation Details
Certification and Support Salaries Free  
2000 Technical Support Cost Ratios Free  
Tech Support Hours Free  

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The following blogs offer interesting commentary on customer support and related voice-of-the-customer topics. If we've missed one of your favorites, please drop me a note ( and we'll add the link to this list.


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Up and to the Right
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What Would Sally Do?
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Wired & Dangerous
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Working Smarter Cafe
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