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New Report on the Changing Expectations of Support Online Now
Many ASP members believe that the expectations of support have been changing rapidly and dramatically. To check this out, we conducted a survey and interviewed many support ledes and a few consultants. there may be surprises in this report for some. All members get access to the report as part of their membership fee. Login to get it.

ASP Forms New Member''s Advisory Board
In March ASP formed a new Member's Advisory Board. It will provide a direct voice into ASP from all corporate members and several individual members. The Board will help direct which reports we write, what workshops we offer and all ASP activities. It meets again in June.

Report on Customer Satisfaction, The Customer Experience, Customer Success, and Customer Effort is Online Now
ASP's last report of 2016 examines several customer initiatives and makes recommendations about what to do with them. For this report, we read Alex Alexander's new book Brilliant Customer Success, interviewed Alex along with two other consultants: Evans Manolis of Market Intelligence Medical and Dhaval Moogimane of Waterstone Management Group. Then we interviewed customer experience/success execs and managers at six companies, including Blackbaud, Cisco, Jive Software, Red Hat, Symantec, and Team Support. Wondering what to do with the latest customer xxxx? Read our report. It is free to members, just login and it will be right there.

2017 Top Ten Support Websites Judging Over Soon

We have stopped taking entries for our annual Top Ten Web Support sites competition. Judges have been assigned. Each competitor gets their site evaluated by 5 independent judges in 25 different areas. Each entry receives the ASP Website Scorecard and Benchmark, a custom report of their average scores versus their peer sized companies and judges comments on the three priorities for improving their website. They also receive the 120-130 page Report on the competition, with essays on the Top Ten award winners, a trends analysis, and more. The game is on! Judges scores are due ny May 19th. Click on Awards above for all the information.

2017 Salary Survey Ending Soon

Early each year ASP conducts a salary survey for service & support employees. We have added the hardware service portion to address our changing membership demographics, but you can fill out either support jobs and/or hardware jobs. The survey includes additional incentive plans like performance bonuses. We are also partnering with Service Strategies, the National Association of Service Managers (NASM), and the Society of Service Executives (SSE) to get more surveys filled out. Is your compensation plan competitive? A Report will be published when the results of the survey are tallied. Go here for more information or to fill out a survey:

2016 Top Ten Best Web Support Sites Report Now Available
Each year ASP has a competition for the Top Ten Best Web Support Sites. This was our 18th year for the competition. Each entry is evaluated by five independent judges in 25 different areas. Information on all aspects of the competition is available by clicking the Awards tab above. We also publish a report with essays on their websites from the Top Ten Winners, a trend analysis, average scores, judges names, and more. The report this year is 122 pages and includes screenshots from the winners. There are three categories for companies; small, medium, and large. Each entry competes against other peer sized companies. The full report and past reports are available to all current ASP members. Just login and it should be right there. Non-members can purchase any report for $300, but since individual membership is only $150, why not become a member and get access to our Top Ten reports and all of our other reports as well?

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