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New Book by Jeff Tarter The First Hundred Days - Free!
As you may have heard, ASP founder Jeff Tarter has recently finished writing a career guide for rookie employees called The First Hundred Days: How to Hit the Ground Running With a Brand-New Job. Jeff''s book is not specifically targeted at the support world, but he''s spent a lot of years working with support organizations that recruit lots of new graduates-and his insights are terrific.

The First Hundred Days is available in paperback ($8.50) and Kindle ($2.99) versions on Amazon. But... we''ve persuaded Jeff to give ASP members and ASP LinkedIn readers a great "friends and family" discount: a completely free evaluation copy (pdf format). To take advantage of their offer, you''ll need to go to Jeff''s website (; use Code CC4 to access the download link. Jeff is also looking for support managers who''d like to try out the book as part of their own new-employee onboarding, so feel free to make extra copies for this purpose.

ASP, NASM, and SSE Announce Joint Symposium for 2016

ASP is again joining with the National Association of Service Management (NASM) and the Society of Service Executives (SSE) for a Joint Symposium in the Chicago area May 18 & 19. This year it will actually start the evening before, so get there in time for our networking event at a local brewpub. This year we will be debating Self-service/support: Friend or Foe? Speakers will include Francoise Tourniaire, Dr. James Alexander, and many interactive sessions.
Go here for more information and to register:
ASP Members get a discount.

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